When your dog’s fur is growing over their eyes, is becoming matted, or you can smell them from across the room; it is time to visit your local dog groomer. Grooming isn’t simply about vanity or having the best looking dog in Auburn, New York. While better hygiene and a more pleasing smell are the benefits most associated with dog grooming, there are additional health and wellness benefits to dog grooming.

If you live in Upstate NY, you know fleas and ticks are a major concern for your dog’s health. During the spring months, the flea and tick population becomes so burdensome that medication alone won’t prevent them from getting on your dog. Regular dog grooming that includes shampooing and conditioning can help cease fleas from becoming an infestation on your dog, and locate any ticks you may have otherwise missed. Your groomer will be able to alert you to a growing problem that you might not otherwise have known about. 

One of the leading causes of deafness in dogs is ear infections, which can come as a result of poor ear hygiene. Visits to your dog groomer can include ear trimming/cleanings when necessary. Things like ear mites and infections can be hidden by inner ear hairs. Scheduling appointments regularly with a dog groomer may uncover these ailments and get your dog to the vet before things get out of hand.

With Cayuga County’s unpredictable and ever changing weather your dog may shed, A LOT! It doesn’t matter if your dog has short hair or long hair, taking them to the groomer to get trimmed and conditioned will improve the quality of their coat. Your pet’s coat will benefit from the brushing and washing by removing all of the dead skin and dirt. This will help spread their natural oils, giving their coat a healthy glow. 

Don’t dismiss dog grooming simply as a cosmetic purchase. Your dog’s overall health will benefit far greater than just their appearance. Now before you search “dog groomer near me”, give Five Star Dog Grooming a call.  We won’t try to sell you on any package, and we’ll get to know your dog first by putting together the right grooming schedule for them. Our goal is to get your dog looking their best and ensure a long and happy life!