Spring is fast approaching in Auburn, NY! That means it’s time for your family dog to start shedding that winter coat he grew to protect himself during the brutal Upstate NY winter. In fact, that shedding may be happening right now as you are reading this.

While your dog will naturally shed its coat without the help of a professional, it’s not really that simple. Along with the excess fur; dirt and dander have built up during this time as well. Letting your dog naturally shed is certainly an option, but it will spread throughout your home, on your clothes, and clog up your vacuum. So do yourself and your dog a favor, bring them to Five Star Dog Grooming. We provide a number of services to help transition to them to a summer coat:


Deep Cleaning Bath

Using our professional cleaning products and equipment, we’ll give your dog a deep cleaning. The cleaning will loosen all his shedding fur and get deep down to clean them from any dirt and dander that may have built up over the winter.


Trim and Brush

Our professional staff will trim your dog’s fur to help make them more comfortable during the warmer months. It will also help get rid of any tangles and knots that come with a winter coat. Think of their coat just like yours, during the winter you’ll want a nice thick warm coat, then shed a layer or two as the weather warms up. After the trim, we’ll brush your pet’s hair to help bring out the natural oils to keep it healthy during the spring and summer. We can also help remove any matting that may have occurred during the winter months.


Nail Trim and Grind

If your friend’s nails have grown long, we’ll give them a quick trim and grind them down smoothly to get them back in place.


We may still have a few more weeks of winter, but make no mistake, spring will be here before you know it. Every pet groomer near you will be booked up leaving nowhere for your dog to get the attention they deserve. So don’t wait! Call Five Star Dog Grooming today. New or returning customers, we welcome all and will treat your dog just like they were our own.